Thornham Creek Harbour At Low Tide

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Thornham Creek Harbour At Low Tide


Thornham Creek Harbour At Low Tide: Original oil painting on wooden panel  of fishing boats on the mud at low tide at Thornham Creek Harbour in North Norfolk.  Painting size 71.5 cm x 30.5 cm Overall size including its frame as shown: 80.5 cm x 40 cm.

This Artwork Is For Sale Complete With The Frame As Shown

This original oil painting by Roger Turner, entitled "Thornham Creek Harbour At Low Tide," depicts a serene coastal scene at low tide. The painting showcases a small blue and white fishing boat moored in a shallow creek, surrounded by mudflats and marsh grass. The boat is the focal point, its vibrant blue hull contrasting sharply with the muted tones of the exposed sea bed.

The composition is divided horizontally, with the sky occupying the upper third of the canvas. The sky is painted with soft, wispy clouds against a pale blue background, suggesting a calm day. The middle ground shows the expansive marshland with golden-green vegetation, stretching towards the horizon. In the foreground, the creek bed is exposed due to the low tide, revealing intricate patterns of mud and shallow water. The texture of the mudflats is meticulously rendered, with ripples and reflections adding depth and realism to the scene. Wooden posts and pilings line the creek, likely used for mooring boats when the tide is in.

The artist's attention to detail is evident in the reflections on the water's surface, the precise rendering of the boat's structure, and the subtle variations in color throughout the landscape. The painting captures the tranquil atmosphere of a coastal harbor during a quiet moment, emphasizing the interplay between land and sea.