Lakeside Days

Lakeside Days– Original acrylic painting on wooden panel 49.5cm X 40cm. Signed front and back by Roger. This painting as exhibited in the Artists Category of the Patchings Festival of Art  2015. Organised by The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines in partnership with Patchings Art Centre.

Where I live is a typical middle class housing estate in the West Midlands of England. The estate was named Lakeside by the developers, and included as a feature a man-made lake. This painting was done from a reference images took in January of 2012 when the sun was low in the sky, casting interesting shadows and reflections on the waters of the lake. The mud bank upon which the swans, geese and ducks regularly alighted seemed to take on a silvery sheen, almost a glow.

This Painting Is For Sale Including The  Frame As Shown