Weymouth Old Harbour In May

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Weymouth Old Harbour In May


Weymouth Old Harbour In May Original Oil Painting on canvas 30 x 20 inches. Weymouth is a seaside town and tourist resort in Dorset, England, halfway along the Jurassic Coast, to the north east of Portland in Weymouth Bay at the mouth of the river Wey. It has long been a draw for holidaymakers with its long sandy beach, bustling town and the picturesque and historic Georgian Weymouth Old Harbour, which has a long seafaring history.

This Artwork Is For Sale Including The Frame As Shown

Weymouth Old Harbour In May - This captivating original oil painting on canvas transports viewers to the picturesque Weymouth Old Harbour during a balmy May day. The canvas measures 30 x 20 inches, providing ample space for the considered, detailed brushwork. The scene is bursts with colour and life, inviting us to explore its every detail.

The harbour comes alive with activity. Boats of various sizes are moored along the quayside, their reflections dancing on the calm water. Each vessel tells a story; a weathered fishing boat, a sleek sailboat, and perhaps even a historic ship. The Georgian architecture lining the waterfront adds to the charm. One building stands out: "The Globe Inn," a hub for sailors, locals, and travellers alike. Its weathered facade hints at centuries of stories shared within its walls.The harbour used to have a  tramway to transport produce to the main railway station in the 19th century and was used until the late 1980s for passenger trains taking people to the Quay station to catch ferries for Europe. The tracks still exist, running along the old harbour, with special trains occasionally using it. Seagulls soar overhead, their cries echoing the coastal breeze. The sky, a brilliant blue canvas, is adorned with fluffy clouds—a promise of fair weather. May blooms surround the harbour. Perhaps there's a burst of yellow gorse or delicate pink blossoms framing the scene. The composition exudes the freshness of spring day.