Sunset Farewell On Newport Beach

Video Clip filmed with my iPhone 15 ProMax

Sunset Farewell On Newport Beach


Sunset Farewell On Newport Beach. Original oil painting on canvas by Roger Turner. Size with frame: 521xx x 476mm. A narrative piece showing Newport Beach Pembrokeshire at sunset. The tide has recently gone out, leaving ripples and streaks in the sand and dark reflective ribbons and pools of seawater that echo the turbulent sky. A woman looks out to sea toward the setting sun and the and the warship sailing towards the horizon. Who is on-board?

This Artwork Is For Sale with its frame as shown. 

The canvas comes to life with warm hues as the sun bids its farewell over Newport Beach. The sky is a symphony of orange, yellow, and blue, evokeing the magic of twilight. The sun's golden disk, hovers just above the horizon, casting a gentle glow upon the scene.

In the foreground, a solitary figure stands on the wet sand. Clad in a flowing white dress, she gazes out toward the sea, her silhouette softened by the fading light. Beside her, a loyal companion—a small dog—watches the waves, its tail wagging in rhythm with the lapping tide.

The water reflects the sky's palette, creating intricate patterns of light and shadow. in the rippled sand, left by the receding tide. The distant landforms emerge on the left, their contours softened by the sea mist. Composition to invoke a feeling of serenity—a moment frozen in time, where nature and human presence harmonise. The painting attempt to captures the ephemeral beauty of this coastal scene, inviting viewers to linger and savour the quietude of the fading day.